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Cyber Security Package:

The importance of the implementation of a quality Cyber Security Program cannot be emphasized enough. We live in a world where hackers are devising ways to circumvent security measures almost as quickly as they are executed.

There are several steps we take to ensure the security of your information. First, we conduct a vulnerability assessment of the system to find areas of weakness that could be exploited.

Based on our results, we then customize a security program that most fits your needs and rectifies the issues identified to ensure the system is protected.

Finally, we provide you with recommendations for a Cyber Insurance plan so that if there ever is a breach, the insurance will cover the damages for any legal issues that may ensue. Cyber Insurance is also strongly recommended for those who are unsure if their system is completely protected from breach.

Biometric Access Solutions:

Facial recognition and behavioral analytics that are able to accurately identify authorized individuals from a distance and in-motion. CINO Access systems include: Proximity Cards, Keyfobs, Biometric Hand Scanners, Retina Scanners, Facial Recognition and Keypads.

Our services

  • Cyber Security Analysis

    We will conduct assessments and penetration testing to determine your system’s level of vulnerability and where those vulnerabilities lie.

  • Cyber Forensics

    Our Forensics Division conducts cyber crime investigations for all system platforms. We are able to collect electronic evidence that has been deleted or protected by partitions. We compile, examine, categorize and secure all digital evidence found.

  • Litigation Support

    Should your case go to trial, our experts will analyze, organize and present all of your digital trial case evidence.

  • Application Code Review

    We will analyze your application programming code, assess its level of functionality and make any necessary improvements. 

  • Security Consulting

    Speak with one of our experts who will assist you in assessing your security needs so we can provide you with the most beneficial security products and/or services for your organization. 

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