New IRS Cyber Security Compliance Requirements

The IRS has created new challenges to meet regulatory requirements for Safeguarding Taxpayer Data.

Cino Security Solutions has designed remote cyber risk packaged solutions for CPA firms.

Cino Cyber Safeguard Advantage

  • Live Penetration Testing: Our team will test your defenses by hacking into your network to help determine if your business is at risk of attack. ( 2 external IP addresses included)

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Testing will identify potentially dangerous vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

  • Cyber-Security Training: Online Security Awareness Training for your staff

  • Cyber-Security Bulletins & Urgent Alerts: Keeps you informed on the latest threats & other vital information.

  • Anti-key Logging Software: Keystroke encryption software prevents malware from stealing sensitive information. (5 licenses)

  • Incident Response & Business Continuity Plan Evaluation: Recommendations Provided