Physical Security Services

Protect your loved ones and valuables.

Safety and Security Are Our Priorities

Here at Cino Ltd. Companies, we realize the importance of protection from physical threats and are committed to providing the most reliable and comprehensive service to preserve the physical security of your business and its personnel. Maintaining tight security protocol is essential to prevent the threat of intruders from affecting your organization.

Whether you are located in a hostile location or simply want to ensure the safety of your company, its employees and sensitive information entrusted to you, our physical security offerings are custom tailored for your needs. In addition, we will handle the installation of all hardware and software particular for each system.

Our security line offers products such as panic rooms, video surveillance systems, security service training and facial recognition software, among other services, to provide the most comprehensive protection for you, your company and your family of employees.

It is our goal to ensure that your company, employees and all data are well protected and trained to face any impending threat to your safety as well as the security of the information in your possession.

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What we offer:

  • Facial recognition

    Biometric authentication system

  • Panic Room

    Rooms that are put together in a hostile area to provide protection and are rated according to what it would take to break into the room. We also offer bulletproof safe rooms.

  • Surveillance

    Security cameras, video surveillance data mining, high resolution and definition cameras.