Video Conferencing Security

The New Normal – The New Problem

Video conferencing has become the new “normal” allowing businesses and consumers to connect from anywhere in the world. However, they were not designed by cyber security company’s, they were designed by video conferencing company’s with one-task in mind, enable people see & hear each other.

Remote workers are far less secure than in-office network users and it’s much easier to infect a remote workers computer or mobile device with spyware & malware. As a result of this, hackers are stealing the below data from video conferencing sessions & remote workers computers:

How do you protect corporate & customer data when you’re on a video conference?

Data at Risk

  • Healthcare Data

  • Employee Data

  • Corporate & Customer Data

  • Personally Identifiable Information

  • Intellectual Data

  • Financial & Banking Data

  • Strategic Data

  • Government & Military Secrets

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