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Business Intelligence has everything to do with data governance. Cino Ltd. Companies is proud to bring you SecTech Info, a service that allows your company to streamline its data in an organized fashion.

SecTech Info is a program not only makes sense of your data , but also makes every aspect of it readily available. Analyzing data and running reports has never been easier. You can easily attain any specific block of data that will aid you in any particular decision making process, essentially optimizing your data.

SecTech Info is 100% customizable for your company, allowing you to decide what data is collected, how it is collected, the method of organization of the data as well as how to access and retrieve your data. This methodology will take your raw data and convert it into something that’s meaningful and productive for your business.

Over budget and/or late projects will be a thing of the past for your organization. You will not suffer a lack of proper documentation and will have the ability to map workflow results in actual time.

Documenting your entire data environment will not only save you valuable time, it will also save you money.

With SecTech Info, your data will be technically sound and secure. In addition, we offer a complete diagnosis, mapping transformation, complete meta data and forensic data security health checks to ensure the secure preservation of your sensitive information.

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