Protecting it is ours.

Your privacy is your business.

The New Normal – The New Problem

Black Hats, Blue Hats, Script Kiddies, Cyber Terrorists & Nation State Hackers are just a few of the groups looking to steal personal, or, corporate data from you.

Each of them are equipped with an arsenal of tools designed to bypass Anti-Virus programs, Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems. Passive defense solutions are just no match against today’s sophisticated hackers.

PrivacyLok is a proactive cyber security solution which locks down access to your personal and corporate data. PrivacyLok protects the following key areas that hackers exploit: camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and screen.

PrivacyLok Features

  • Keyboard Inputs

  • Screenscraper

  • Clipboard Access

  • Camera Access

  • Microphone Access

  • Audio Input/Output